Sea Ranch West Meadow Home

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Sea Ranch West Meadow Home

Sea Ranch West Meadow Home

We completed the new construction for the Sea Ranch West Meadow home several months ago for some really great clients. Designed by Brodie Architecture and Design, this home is a great example of mixing traditional Sea Ranch design with modern components.

The exterior of the home is clad in cement siding, in a board on board style, then stained a warm gray. Flashing and gutters are gavlalume, in a weathered copper color. Milgard Thermally Improved Windows, and Velux Skylights provide the views to the meadow and ocean. The house is accessed across a redwood boardwalk bisecting the fenced courtyard.

The finish floors are stained concrete, which soak up the afternoon sun, and radiates that heat back at night. Heat is provided by three gas fireplaces on thermostats. Cabinets are a mix of custom cherry in the kitchen and IKEA in the bathrooms. The stairway and upper floor are carbonized bamboo, and the railing at the stairs and bridge are cherry with stainless steel rod, installed horizontally. Open beam ceilings honor the early days of Sea Ranch, while the sheetrock walls bounce natural light all through the house.

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