Sea Ranch Home amidst Majestic Redwoods

New Construction, Residential

Sea Ranch Home amidst Majestic Redwoods

Sea Ranch Home amidst Majestic Redwoods

This beautiful Sea Ranch home was designed by Donlyn Lyndon, Dick Whitaker, and Tomas Frank and built by Empire Contracting, Inc. The home is nestled in the redwood forest on the upslope side of Highway 1 in The Sea Ranch.

The builder, David Hillmer, describes the project as a fantastic example of a home that “knows where it is” and which is “beautifully sited and designed.” He loves the view towards the Bedroom when you get to the top of the entry stairs: “your eye can follow the trees from their trunks through the window, then track up to the tree tops through the skylight. Also, I love the way they brought the forest indoors through use of the round support columns.”

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