Rebuilding Fountaingrove

Rebuilding Fountaingrove

Streamlining the Recovery Process

After the fires, Barney and I had been discussing between ourselves how we could help. With our core business being based in the Sea Ranch area, we were unsure of our ability to go to Santa Rosa to help with the rebuild. A week after the fires we were visited by Mark and Karen, good friends that we had built a Sea Ranch home for 15 years ago. Mark and Karen explained that they had lost their home in Fountaingrove, and they asked us if we would be willing to come down and rebuild it. There was no possibility that we could say no to them—five minutes later we had made the decision to take our company to Santa Rosa.

The next week we went down and met Mark and Karen at their home site. We ran into their neighbor Rosemary, and were soon discussing rebuilding her home, too. A few days later we met more neighbors, and we began to formulate a plan…. We would take homes in groups, all in close proximity to one another, ideally within walking distance. This approach will allow us to build more efficiently, and attract subcontractors and suppliers by providing a very organized process to move from one home to the next. This also allows us to spread some overhead and management costs across several homes, and benefit everyone.

We have always specialized in building high quality custom homes, and providing a superb experience for the homeowner, before, during, and after construction. This will continue to be our focus in Fountaingrove, then perhaps expanding to other areas. No one knows right now exactly what the rebuild will cost, or exactly how long it will take, but we are committed to keeping our clients informed through the entire process.

We have a great team lined up, and are working with each client to help them through the clean up, planning, and permitting process. We are looking forward to breaking ground on our first group of homes in Spring of 2018!

—David Hillmer, CFO of Empire Contracting, Inc.

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